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Foam & Go ( 6 Pack )

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Germicide Foam & Go Disinfectant is a brand new 3 in 1 powerful foaming action spray designed to sanitise, clean and sterilise touchpoint surfaces. Foam & Go Disinfectant is the bodyguard in our commercial cleaning squad, creating a protective barrier between surfaces, bacteria & germs.

This superior formulated foam grips to all surface areas, delivering a deep clean with a simple spray & wipe action, effectively sanitising all touchpoints. The powerful broad spray also makes cleaning any hard to reach surface a breeze. 

Foam & Go’s innovative formula won’t leave a sticky residue. Simply shake to activate & aim the spray. Leave to dry, or clear with a microfibre cloth. 


Use Germicide’s Foam & Go for exceptional cleaning, sanitising & disinfecting results. A powerful, commercial cleaning spray designed to eliminate germs & bacteria. 

A broad-spectrum disinfectant steriliser with boosted antibacterial agents for maximum cleaning impact. Foam & Go is an essential cleaning asset, ensuring all areas are sanitary safe & hygienic.

Use across a majority of hard & soft surfaces including carpet & upholstery with bonus  product features including cutting through grease, lifting stains & removing odour. The foam acts to lift, suspend and hold dirt/grease preventing re-contamination.

WHERE TO USE (not limited to)

  • Offices & Start-ups
  • Care Homes
  • Government & Heritage Buildings
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Childcare Centres
  • Hospitality & Food industry
  • Industrial & Commercial Buildings


  • For best results shake well before each use.

  • Hold the spray can upright at a distance of 20cm from the surface area. 

  • Spray the surface evenly & allow to air dry, or wipe with a microfibre cloth. 


  • 300 grams