What are the main ingredients for Germicide?

Germicide packs a powerful cleaning punch. Our core formulation is 10% Ethanol, 10% Quaternary ammonium compounds and cleaning as well as rust inhibitor compounds . These ingredients are chosen for their powerful sanitising and cleaning properties as well as accelerated drying performance.

What can I use Germicide for?

You can use Germicide to clean, disinfect & sanitise all surfaces. One product to professionally disinfect as well as clean any surface effectively. 

How does Germicide work?

Germicide has a balanced mix of active chemicals that clean, disinfect and sanitise at the same time, offering a fast and effective clean with an outstanding finish and quick drying time. 

Are there any surfaces I should not use Germicide on?

Germicide can be used on almost any surface, however, use on services susceptible to a high alkaline solution e.g. brass, zinc, copper and raw aluminium should be avoided.

How can I try Germicide?

Unfortunately, we do not provide samples. However, Germicide is at such an affordable price point and can be used on many types of surfaces and in all kinds of commercial buildings you won’t look back after purchasing a Germicide product. We do offer a 7 day money back guarantee.

Is Germicide a green cleaning product?

Unfortunately, there are no truly green ingredients or natural compounds available which are strong enough to deliver proper sanitisation and disinfecting performance to protect commercial premises from viruses and germs. 

Is Germicide Australian owned?

Yes, we are a proud Australian owned business. Founder Sam Fairweather has owned and managed many Australian cleaning businesses for over 10 years.

Is Germicide septic safe?

Due to the powerful cleaning agents necessary to destroy 99% of germs and bacteria, Germicide is not currently septic safe.

Is Germicide categorised as toxic?    

Germicide is not a toxic product, however, it is important you follow the directions on the label carefully and you should not digest Germicide and avoid it coming into direct contact with skin and eyes.


Can Germicide trigger allergies?

Germicide is non-toxic and unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction. But does contain Benzalkonium Chloride in which 1 in 2000 have allergies. However, it is important you follow the directions for usage carefully.

Are your products cruelty-free? 

Germicide products are not tested on animals.

Is Germicide pet and child friendly?

As with all cleaning chemicals, it is best to keep your pets and children away and lock all chemicals away securely and out of reach. 

Does Germicide have a powerful odour?

Germicide does contain fragrances but does not have an overpowering odour.


What do the warning labels on your products mean?

We are legally bound to comply with Australian consumer labeling guidelines based on our active ingredients such as Benzalkonium Chloride. 

Is Germicide biodegradable?

Yes! Germicide is near to PH neutral and biodegradable.

Should I perform a patch test before use?

We are confident in our cleaning products, however, we do not know each and every material and surface. We do recommend a patch test, particularly on large or highly visible areas. 

Is Germicide antibacterial?

Yes, Germicide delivers an effective antibacterial clean.

Is Germicide a sanitiser?

Germicide products have Benzalkonium Chloride, which is an active ingredient which achieves high quality sanitisation.